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Glovebox replacement - any key will work


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I just got a replacement glovebox door for my 2003 Seville STS. I thought I would have to move the lock from my old glovebox door to the replacement.

To my surprise, my key worked in the replacement glovebox lock!

So, it looks like any 2002/2003 Caddy key will lock/unlock the glovebox door.

2003 Seville STS 43k miles with the Bose Sound, Navigation System, HID Headlamps, and MagneRide

1993 DeVille. Looks great inside and out! 298k miles!

IPB Image

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There are only so many key combinations that can be made from a key...you may have just got real lucky and the replacement glovebox JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE the same key pattern as yours.

If it is possible...find someone else with your car model and use THAT key and see if it works.

I will bet that it don't.

If it DOES work...it means that the lock on the replacement glovebox is severely worn...like you said, and that any key will work. :D

In THAT CASE...I would transfer the lock on the original glovebox to the replacement.

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