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New SRX starts Magazine Testing

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[click here for Detroit News Article]

Part of the reason for the late-winter test drive was for Cadillac to show off its newly developed all-wheel drive system.

Many carmakers claim to have high-tech systems to send power to all four corners of a vehicle, but some come with severe limitations.

Cadillac, however, has developed a phenomenal drive system that can transfer as much as 100 percent of the engine's power from the front axle to the back even before you know you need it. (Though, realistically, engineers say this is not likely to happen unless you park the SRX with the front wheels on ice.)

The system includes an electronic limited slip differential on the rear axle (which can transfer 85 percent of the power to the wheel with the most traction). The AWD system uses 20 sensors and monitors them 200 times every second to determine the best drive configuration.

The only thing the driver notices is a well-balanced machine on the road.

Depending upon the situation, this all-wheel drive system adjusts instantly.

On dry pavement: 50 percent of the torque is delivered to the rear for faster acceleration.


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