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I got back from Dallas with my new 94 Eldo last Sunday morning and was going to give a travel report, but my computer blew, (power source, motherboard, hard drive, keyboard) and I just got back online now.

The car ran great! Averaged 24.6mpg when I was running 75 to 78 when the speed limit was 70. Back in Illinois , the speed limit is 65, so I ran 70 to 72, and the mpg started to come up and I finished the trip at 25.6 mpg average. My actual driving time was just under 16 hours.

I couldn't go much faster because the tires were out of balance and I didn't want to shake it loose for a 1000 miles. One time in Arkansas I did kick it up to 80mph to see if the shake was still there and bam, and there was a state trooper parked right on the backside of an overpass, shooting radar. He pulled out and up behind me , and then after such a long time that I thought he was not going to pull me over, he did,\. I had the Texas plates on, but my transferred Illinois plates were inside. He checked my drivers license, and asked where I was going and when I had to be back. He then said," you were doing 80 in a 70 mile per hour speed zone, do you think you could slow it down?" I said that I certainly could, and that was the end of that.It usually doesn't go that way.

The Northstar is everything I had heard it would be and more! There is alot of power under under that hood. The first hot oil check I did, the level was at the second mark down. At the end of the trip , it hadn't moved a full mark down yet.

The wind whistles (seeps) on both sides by the mirrors. Drivers side rubber looks sort of chewed up at the top of the smaller triangle piece. My parts guy said that piece has been discontinued. There also seems to be a trunk water leak happening. Also, the cup holder won't stay in the armrest.

The car is super solid. I had the tires balanced (that fixed the shaking) and when it was up in the air , I gave it a once over and the underneath is almost completely dry. There are no spots on the garage floor after four nights.

I'm going to do the cooling system this weekend. Is the 100,000 transaxle change correct? Also, on the information center I was reading 13.6 to 13.9 volts most of the time. Is that the correct range?

One happy Caddy owner

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Welcome home, glad the trip was uneventful.

13.6-13.9 is about average on mine with the A/C on. Low 14's without. Don't even think about adding oil til it's ready to drop off the dipstick or when the DIC tells you to. just go 7 qts. at oil change and add per above.

Check the archives in the old board for trunk leaks. Sonme good advice there. I think 100K is about right for the trans fluid change.

Funny you posted today, I was just wondering if you were home yet.

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Yeah man, I've been thinking about you. Wondering if you got back or not. Glad to have you back. It takes a lot of balls to purchase a vehicle sight unseen and drive it back on your own.

You Da Man.

Peace ByStorm :)

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Seems like you got a nice ride and had a fairly successful first trip.

I have used some black RTV silicone seal to repair weather strips like your window and trunk with success. Achive also has a lot on trunk leaks I think.

Cleaning to remove dirt, oil and wax is a key element.

You can place waxed paper over the semi-cured RTV and almost-close the door overnight to ensure the profile will mold properly and seal at speed. Try a small area first...

Post a pic some time.

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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