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98 Eldo - Traction Control abs light codes

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I have been getting the traction control and ABS dash lights coming off and on. Sometimes it runs with no light other times it comes on. So I figured I would pull the codes. I searched high and low on the board to find the procedure and I did (off + warm passenger) but I can't seem to find a code list. I have lots of codes. I am almost scared to drive it now as it looks like John Wayne Gacy's rap sheet

pcm po 0603. p 1602, p1644 p 1552

irc 2710, u1040

no acm

sdm b1161 , b 1327,

tcs 1255, 1298

no rss

1780, 1983

no rfa

mo ccp

b 2119

msm b2120, b0856, b1982, b1983. b2130

no mmm

looks like my driving record when i was 17. If you know how to control those codes so i can step thru them one at a time let me know. I wrote them so fast as they flashed by i migtht have made a mistake

Thanks and happy motoring

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Sounds like a weak battery connection guessing by some of those codes. I'd start by cleaning up the battery terminals VERY well, and see if any codes return.

I once made the mistake of power-washing my engine (don't EVER try this in a Cadillac!), and the large harness connector from the abs unit (under the airbox) took on some water. This led to the ABS/Trac lights, and similar codes to what you're seeing. I got lucky, and was able to disconnect, clean and dry the connection, and re-connect the harness. I believe that the abs system has to cycle approx. 50 times before a code is "cleared" and the light goes off, depending on what code is set... so don't be upset if it takes some time.

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2 weeks ago the car died, I just put in a new battery (Diehard gold under warranty) and new alternator installed (2nd time in 2 years - they said it was a diode in the alt). I wonder if those electric codes are left over from that incident. I would think with the car dead the codes would clear ? Speaking of codes > 1998 dtc code list @ http://www.caddyinfo.com/1998eldoradodtccodes.htm (not easy to find) I'll check that ABS connection you spoke of and clean the battery cables good. I think the my ABS light problem stem from the P1644 code "Traction control delivered Torque Output circuit". What is is, where is it and how much does it cost? No seriously any help trying to troubleshoot this would be appreciated

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