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Just bought 97 SLS with bad head gaskets. I was looking for some detailed accounts of removeing engine out the top or bottom or if anyone has done this repair whle engine still in chassis. Any and all info appreciated. Thanks in advance


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First, congratulations. Also, :welcomesmiley:

Second, get a DVD of the shop manual or a copy of the shop manual from Ebay or www.helminc.com or somebody so that you will have a detailed, ready reference.

It has been done in place but I think most feel you are better off removing the power train. You can find several people in our Master Craftsman's Hall of Honor which is a subforum to celebrate difficult repairs. Some of the citations have links to the threads that discuss the repair.

Also, there is a search function to the upper right. Good terms to search include Timeserts. You will want to timesert all the bolt holes in your block. See the timesert.com website for info on the appropriate kits.


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