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Long before I bought my first Caddy which is the CTS which I am still driving. I always loved the beautiful lines of that this sexy car has. Recently I started dabbling around with the Caddy forums and now am looking for ways to make this great car even better. I have started looking at some of the sweet body kits that are available for these cars. Now to me these look hot, and I am starting to think seriously about getting some. Here is my question though These things are not a cheap date. By the time you paint them your going to have some cash invested in this. What i am wondering is can really get your money out of an upgrade like this at the time of sale? Can you really expect to get much more then an average car? I know I am going to keep this car for at least 3 years so its mostly for my own enjoyment. Just wondering what you guys think is it necessary? Or simply overkill? Does anyone on here have a kit similar to this or any other brands?


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In my opinion a body kit will not add any value at time of sale. I think the joy of adding a body kit is to have a more unique vehicle.


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