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Chrome/Plastic trim


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Bought new chrome strips over a year ago from the caddy dealer as the originals were yellowing. I started noticing pin head type spots develope a few months later on the new and improved. They seam to be growing... Any one else haveing this problem? Is there a better place to buy the strips? The dealership can't assure this wont happen again; as I will be replacing them again soon. Don't want to make the same mistake twice... Thanks in advance for any help!


Mark McDermott

79 Deville 84,000

97 Deville 279,000 :yupi3ti:

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Too bad the '97 - '99 Deville suffers from this. most of the time I see a nice Deville of that vintage, that darn crome is usually yellowed, or peeling. I wondered why they changed the formula. the '94 - '96 crome going around the car is bulletproof. I have never ever seen that go bad on a car - no matter how ratty the car was. - kinda like how the plastic headlights never yellowed on us either. Sorry I didn't help the question, but it was a time for me to say this :)

Maybe you can disect the bad trim, and see how the water is getting under the layers, and possibly coat the back of this thing with a little silicone, or a little paint to give it a little protection from water penetration, or there is some other point on the body side molding you can caulk up from behind to prevent this plastic trim from getting beat up with water & road grime.

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well what i did was go to autozone and buy these rolls of this plastic chrome and they stick right on and i have heard nothing but good about them from friends.. you have to measure and cut them yourself but i am a 17 year old kid with a horrible attention span and i got it done in 20 minutes and it looks great... btw the roll is 12 feet and only costs 16 bucks

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