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Enlarging the 2006 STS digital clock display

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We previously leased a 2006 CTS with the base level radio/cd player/DIC. The display for the radio had two modes of displaying the clock when the radio was turned off. The clock display could either be a small line at the top of the screen or a large display in the middle of the screen.

After the lease expired on the CTS we purchased a certified 2006 STS and it has the same style of radio display. So far we've been unable to find any instructions on how to make the clock display in a large format and the current small line at the top is impossible to read while driving.

Does anyone know how to change the clock display to the large format?

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I know it is a different system...mine is a DTS...but if I "TOUCH" the small clock in the top display line...it then displays LARGER in the center of my screen.

Mine will do it with the radio on or off.

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