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4.9 where a 4.5 used to be

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Well this is an update,

I finally got the 4.9 to run for the first time today :D

The weather, my health, and my work schedule had caused most of the delay, but it sure was good to hear the old girl fire up :D

Note to anyone else planning this kind of swap: Be ready to spend a lot of time rerouting all the vac lines and fuel lines as things are routed diffrent from the 1990 and 1991 sedan devilles. but other than that it is an almost direct swap. thanks to all the advice and help along the way :D

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Easiest post I've ever read! Glad to read you accomplished the swap. Isn't the exhaust system(manifolds/pipe-size) larger in the 4.9L?

GM Reman 4.1 engine Dec '08

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