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HG replace 99 eldo


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thanks for all of your advice and things to check while engine is out. what about starter or water pump. I heard they were bullet proof what do you all think? i just do not want to miss anything. trying to find the balance on what potential problems to replace and the money spent on a 10 year old cat w/ 74k on it.


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I wouldn't touch the starter - unless you take it to a shop that rebuilds starters and have them check it out. The LAST thing you want to do is install some piece of junk reman starter from a chain store in there - you'll then be doing the job every two years...

The waterpump is easily replaceable with the engine in the car - at 74,000 miles, if it is lot leaking coolant at the weep hole, leave it alone. I don't know if someone mentioned the metal heayter pipes at the rear of the engine but if they are badly rusted, they are candidates for replacement.

All of this information should be kept on one thread for continuity - mabe the board staff can merge the threads?

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