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This is a nice, thoughtful write-up and comparison of the new CTS-V with the Corvette Z06. Note that not a comparison with the 100K ZR1, but rather with the $72K naturally aspirated, track-oriented Z06. [article]



Both cars are simply amazing. Here’s the long story short:

If I am driving in the city, I want to be in the CTS-V. If I am driving in the country I’ll take the Z06.

On the Track:

No contest here. The Z06 is the undecided winner. Aside from being lighter, it’s simply a more enjoyable car to drive as far as pure performance goes. The CTS-V is an awesome sports sedan that will perform great on the track, but that wasn’t its intended purpose. It's the ultimate cruiser with attitude and performance to back it up.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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