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Meaning of codes

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I pulled up the following codes on my 1992 Seville.

EO15 - Open coolant temperture sensor signal

IO39 - CCR system problem

IO52 - IPC loss of memory


Are any of these easy fixes or should take the car in for service. I am pretty good with basic maintenance and repairs.

Any help would be appreciated.


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IO39 is a ride control problem, I found this in the old searchable archive.

IO39 Loss of road sensing suspension data

IO39 is a system problem code rather than a specific problem. The

diagnostics for IO39 are rather involved. Your first step should

be to track down the factory service manual. You can buy a set (2

volumes- powertrain and body) new from Helm (www.helminc.com) for

about $105. Be sure to check ebay as the books are often


Hope this helps point you in the right direction



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Thanks John. I'll look into it. I make be looking for some regular replacement shocks and struts. I know there are threads covering that particular topic.

CaddyDaddy, I have a brand new set of rear struts (non electronic) that I purchased from Brasington, never out of the box. If you are interested, check the price with Brasington and make me an offer! The are from a 91, but I know from trying to find the suckers in junk yards that they were the same in 92, just verify that fact. Mike

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