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94 concours 4.6L code P083

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Hi I'm new to the site and hoping to find someone who can help me. I have a code P083 (24X voltage high) that is throwing me a curve. I have changed both crank sensors and checked all wiring. I also did a complete tune-up 2 months ago. I don't know where to go from here and don't want to guess as the ignition module and pcm are expensive. If anyone could provide me with help troubleshooting it would be great.

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Nevermind problem fixed

What was the solution?

Sorry was in a hurry and forgot to put that it was the ignition control module. If anyone needs help with this problem I would be happy to share the test procedures

Hello im new to this, im trying to get some info on how to fix my car, and this topic sounds like its gonna be the most helpful , i have a 1994 deville with a 4.6l northstar and my idling is really bad, and my car shut offs constantly, im getting a P083 code... i have already replaced the ignition control module and it still has the same problem..... i saw that u where able to fix your car can you please lt me know what steps you took or what i have to check.... any help will be greatly appreciated....

if it any easier please e-mail, call or txt me..... Jose Martinez (714)310-1285, vaketon@yahoo.com.....

Than You

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