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how I can lowering rear suspensions cadillac sts

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I think the classic approaches to lowering a transverse leaf spring car are to a) modify the leaf spring or B) replace the rear leaf spring with a different leaf spring that has a different spring rate, or c) replace the rear leaf spring suspension with a coil spring suspension.

I am not sure either of those are going to be great ideas for the 92 STS however. I tend to shy away from cutting metal, so that makes (a) unattractive. Solution © would be to update the rear suspension to the 1993 setup, but I think you might end up literally replacing the rear of the car, so that's probably not something you will want either.

Finding a new transverse leaf spring of the same size / configuration but with a different spring rate, then also addressing the rear height control system would seem the best approach.

I don't know the spring rate on the 92 STS stock spring, or what other springs might fit there.


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