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Oil Pan Drain Plug


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While we're on the subject of really tight stuff, ;) how's everyone doing with oil FILTERS? This new '08 has the most difficult oil filter I have ever encountered. I'm not overtightening it, well, maybe a little, but I've been changing my own oil and filters for the last 40 years, and have never found one so hard to loosen.

OK, example, I used the plastic type filter "socket" on my '99 for about 4 years.no problems. I decide to change my filter on the new car using that same wrench...No GO! I attributed it to this being the first time the filter was off the car since new, so I didn't worry about it too much. I ended up putting a hose clamp around the filter wrench AFTER it was on the filter, putting the 3/8" drive handle in the opening, PLUS putting the 7/8" box wrench on the outside of that in order to break it free. Put the new filter on with lots of oil on the gasket figuring that I'll never need to go through THAT again.

Well, next time I changed the filter, I went through the same thing again!

OK, time for a new wrench, so I bought a steel one............SAME THING!

Yes, I've changed the filter 4 times, but the oil only once in 9000 miles. If you have never taken an oil filter apart that came off of a new engine, you'd be surprised at the amount of junk it catches! Metal filings, gasket material, RTV sealant, casting sand, you name it. Better than bypassing from pressure builld up and letting that stuff back into the engine I figure.

A year ago a friend of mine asked me to show him how to change the motor oil. I asked him to bring his car to my place. New (20.000 miles) Toyota Corolla. Tried to unscrew the oil filter by hand. Hmmm...no way. Applied my trusty filter wrench. Hmm... NO WAY!! The filter itself got pretty jammed but would not losen at all... Now, you can imagine the face expression of my friend whom I told many tines it is a shame to not do oil changes on his own because it is SO easy! :) The next choice was a screwdriver through the filter. But, what if it did not work either and I would have a nondrivable car! I drove to NAPA, described them the stupid situation I was in and they suggested the three-jaw wrench. I bought one, and it did the trick. Who the hell put that filter in?!! That was a lesson for me... :lol:

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent

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Today I brought my Eldo to the local Oil Well and had them change the oil. I didn't feel like getting under the car to try to remove the oil plug with a stripped head and I wasn't going another week without an oil change. Cost me $45, plus they gave me a coupon for a free car wash, which I paid for anyway. Next time I change the oil I won't have to worry about the oil plug. :)

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