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"Check tire pressure" message

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I picked up this car from a local dealership Thursday night. The DIC would say "Check Tire Pressure". After driving for a while it would go away. I figured that one of the tires was borderline low and as soon as the tires got warm from use, the air pressure increased enough to suppress the message. I went and checked them today. The tires say on them 44psi max. I find three tires at about 30 and one at 25. I inflate them to 40psi. Now the message is on all of the time. What am I missing here?

Caddy_Grill.jpg2008 DTS
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Just a couple of talking points....

First look on the sticker on the edge of your drivers side front door.

Your recommended tire pressure will be on the sticker.

Just because the tire can TAKE 40 psi...that don't mean it should HAVE 40 psi. :D:D

Max pressure for MY TIRES is 44 psi...but that is not what is RECOMMENDED for my car.

Put what the sticker recommends and the message will go away.

As of now...you have too much pressure in the tires and the car knows it. :D:D

The TPMS is "USUALLY" programmed to display the LOW PRESSURE warning at about 5 to 6 pounds from the RECOMMENDED pressure... and the CHECK PRESSURE warning will come on a few pounds ABOVE the RECOMMENDED pressure....not a few pounds above the MAXIMUM PRESSURE.

The pressure variation is a little different from model to model.

The recommended pressure for "MY CAR" is 30psi front and rear. It may be different for your car.

Around town I run 31 front...30 rear...for a good ride.

On long high speed trips, I run 34 front 32 rear for better handling.

My car will display CHECK PRESSURE when the pressure reaches 38 PSI on the high side. (I know)

I don't know about the low side...I would guess at about 25 psi.

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