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Bruce Nunnally

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My Brother and Sister-in-Law invited me to take the light rail down to see the Dallas Car Show on Saturday. We boarded the train here in Plano and got off at a station next to the Dallas Convention Center. Easy commute.

Short line at opening, and we were able to spend a lot of time in the morning with a light crowd. After lunch the crowd density increased, but we were out the door soon after.

I went first to the Cadillac section of course. No CTS Coupe or Converj, but they did have the CTS Sport Wagon and the new SRX. There were 2 very helpful people from Detroit there at the exhibit, and they knew quite a bit about the Cadillacs. I appreciate that. Generally the cars were open, accessible, and had the stereo/nav system running so that you could get in and enjoy.

I grabbed a few pics, but mostly details. I get busy enjoying the cars and forget to take photos.

This is a shot of the CTS-V engine under the beauty cover. The silver thing at the top is the intercooler. The belt-driven 'snout' in the center middle is the supercharger. I am guessing that the cylindrical 'horn' coming off the intake tube is a noise resonance reduction feature.


You can click here [Fullsize] for the 3kx2k version.

This is the V-series V-wheel vs the 'normal' CTS sport wheels


I did confirm via a seat-check that I can fit just fine in the new CTS with a sunroof, which was a concern in the previous model.

There was a 1979 Eldo there as well:



2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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