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Battery No Charge - Only in the morning


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The past week I've been seeing the "Battery No Charge" message each morning upon starting the car. After it's been parked for atleast 6 hours, the BNC warning stays on for about 30 seconds. The voltage drops to about 10.9 after starting, and stays there until the alternator "kicks in." Once it gets online, voltage stays at 14.1-14.5. Seems odd!

In the extreme cold weather last week, I noticed the voltage at 15.X after starting for a few moments. Never seen it that high before! Now it stays in the mid 14's, once the alternator 'wakes up.' I've cleaned the battery terminals, and have a history code of B1911 - "L terminal problem." I should mention that this ONLY happens first thing in the morning. Once it's been driven, no more warnings.

I assume I already know the answer - new alternator! The lights have had a good flicker at idle for the past year, but I've never once had to jumpstart - it seems to be making power. Just the BNC warning at startup the past week...

I changed the alt about 4 years ago, and have since driven over 50k miles, so I really don't feel too bad about replacing the alt. Battery is a diehard gold, replaced about a year ago. Battery seems to be holding charge, but I'll load-test it anyway.

Any similar experiences?

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Yep. Happened to me last week on one of those really cold days. Car was parked in my garage. started, and "Battery no charge" came up after a minute or so. drove about 200 feet, and the message cleared. never saw it again. I suspected a little sand & salt got kicked up into the brushes of the alternator or something. I have a ~6 month old battery, and the contacts are definately cleaned, polished, tight, and gelled.

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I brought the car into my mechanic today, with inconclusive results. The battery tests fine (and seems fine... it holds charge, starts the car fast, and didn't need a jump after I left the car parked for over 2 weeks recently), and the alternator is still generating power.

It's now an "every-other day" occurrence that I see the battery light/battery no charge warning, and it goes away in 30 seconds or less, if I blip the throttle.

I didn't think about the possibility of sand/crud getting into the alternator, but its SO dirty in Boston right now, that's its a realistic concern. It's practically like a sandstorm of road salt and sand every time the wind blows. And I'll sadly admit that I've been parking the car outside quite a bit...

I guess I realize I'll be needing an alternator eventually... in the meantime I guess I'll 'chance it' and see how long I can get out of this one!

I can't wait for the snow to melt, and the first BIG rainstorm to wash all the sand/crud off the roads.... it's almost detailing season!!! :D

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