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1991 Brougham headlamp installation procedure


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Any helpful info or tips much appreciated. I crawled under the (low) front and saw where the back of the socket was. Can it be twisted and pulled out or must the headlight lens be removed? How does one go about doing this?

Thanks, Henry Wallace

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On my 1997 Eldorado, which probably is somewhat different from your 1991 Brougham, the headlight bulb socket bayonets into the headlight housing from behind. I can get to mine from above.

When you change the bulb, don't touch it; use clean gloves or handle it with a clean shop rag or at least a paper towel. Those tungsten-halogen bulbs burn very hot and the slightest hint of grease, even a fingerprint, will cause them to burn hotter and shorten their life, and once it's on the bulb you can't get it all off.

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