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rusted brake lines


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Today I lost brakes on my 95 sts. Looking under the car I found the brake lines under the drivers seat to be rusted through. How much do you figure it costs too replace the lines?

I thought this only happened on volkswagons? oh dear....

It's about $100~200 for the job.

If you really want to make people safe drivers again then simply remove all the safety features from cars. No more seat belts, ABS brakes, traction control, air bags or stability control. No more anything. You'll see how quickly people will slow down and once again learn to drive like "normal" humans.

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Just had ALL mine replaced a few weeks ago.

Price for parts was $200 Cdn.

Labour was more expensive, tough job getting all those down there. So looking around $350 - 400.

Have Fun

"Cadillac, it's not a car, it's an obsession"


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