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2002 Cadillac SLS Electrical Problems Please Help


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Let me start off by saying I have loved my prior Cadillacs. I had a 96 STS, 2000 STS which were great. I now have a 2002 SLS that has had on-going electrical issues since I have owned it. I purchased the car with the air bag light on which I have yet to be able to repair. The stability system warning comes on frequently which I believe I have diagnossed to be a faulty steering position sensor. I did purchase a replacement however, I haven't figured out how to replace it. Any help would be appreciated. The car has left me stranded with a dead fuel pump, which I have repaired. Now the reason for my post. Recently I got in the car and started it and my climate control cluster flickered a few times and went dark. It has not illuminated since. The good news is that all the controls seem to work, but I can see any of the settings, even the little amber lights for defroster settings do not work. Is there any thing I can check or is my display dead???? :( Oh and now both of my heated seats quit working. Please help. I don't want this to be the Cadillac I will ever own

Thank you


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The first thing I would check is the fuses.

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