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98 Seville SLS.

My power steering is intermittently not working at idle, around 650rpm, but increase the revs and its works. After searching on here, the serpentine belt could be at fault.

Is there a recommended belt I should get as I'm in New Zealand and probably will have to order one so to get the correct part number would be great.

In the recent hot weather, I've noticed my air con is blowing cold but not enough to be 'ice' cold. Could this be another symptom of a worn belt or tensioner requiring adjusting?

I'm thinking of changing the belt as I don't know when, or if at all, it's been done. And if I'm getting the tensioner checked to ensure its adjusting, I'm guessing do the belt at the same time.

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1998 SLS 4 Door:

ACDELCO Part # 6K815 {K06 13/16" x 82 1/8" #88932755}


That's from RockAuto.com, and their price is U$26.79. They ship overseas, and there's a discount code if you click the link at the bottom of my message here. i've ordered plenty from them and have had to return a few things, and their customer service is great.

WARNING: I'm a total car newbie, don't be surprised if I ask a stupid question! Just trying to learn.


5% discount code at RockAuto.com - click here for your discount!

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That belt drives both the P/S pump and the A/C compressor, so if the tensioner is frozen (rusted) it may not be providing the proper tension and could be the source of your problems.

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