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the previous owner tore out part of the back where the coffins go. I have a connection here in Seattle for a Basalt or Granite slab to replace the original faux stone on plywood. They're sure it'll work out with the thickness and weight. the interior suffered a bit of neglect, but is generally in good shape and all parts present but for the wood deck they cut out. Some of the rollers are missing.

What I wanted to do was install a fold-down rear seat at the rear doors [it's a four door] if that's possible. There's lots of room under the deck where two large spare tires normally sit and they have plenty of clearance. I'm interested in ideas for this.




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My long term plans for it do include driveline changes. I want to replace the wheel assemblies with electric wheel motors, which will eliminate the rear differential. I'm going to turn the driveshaft into a PTO unit for hydraulics in the hearse bed. The Engine will become a power generator for the electric wheels, and I'll store three 600 volt batteries in the hearse undercarriage where there's plenty of room and a solid steel frame to protect them. At about 140bhp the engine can produce more than a kilowatt for charging the batteries and powering the wheels. I've selected a type of Bow-Thruster electric engine that is small and durable for heavy use. At over 250hp per motor, that will give the hearse true All Wheel Drive with a total of 1000 HP! At these ratings the motors could drain the batteries with the engine full-out in about 30 seconds. For a good quarter mile I only need 10. That's three runs before I need to refuel, approximately.

Look for me in a couple of years at LACR, I'll be the drag racing Lawyer.


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