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STS Wheel Cleaner

Bill K

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Must be the day for cleaning.

Last year I was ready to get the grafetti remover and get all the paint off my wheels cause I couldnt keep them clean.

This winter I changed to performance friction brake pads and that really helped cut down the brake dust.

Then some Eagle A to Z wheel cleaner helped clean off most of the old dust. And today I used a battery powered Dawn dishwashing brush w/ Eagle A to Z and the wheels look like new. That Dawn brush is just the perfect size for getting the wheels really clean and fits in the cornors where the crud collects.

Just thought I'd pass it on.

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Hey now that is a good idea! The Dawn power brush looks like a kids version of a cordless screwdriver but with a scrubby head. By the way how much is one of those thingys running for?


206k and with lots of crud in the rims

"Burns" rubber

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Hey I just recieved a coupon for a dollar off of that dishwashing brush in the Sunday paper. When I am off on Thursday or Friday I will run down to my local Walmart and purchase this wonderful idea.

Thanks ByStorm :D


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