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problem with the driver power seat controls

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hey guys. bought this car, perhaps in too much of a rush, two weeks ago. since then I've found out the car has a plethora of problems. i've spent all these two weeks fixing as many as I can on my own.

now i'm trying to figure out a problem with the wiring/operation of the driver power seat. get some popcorn so you can be entertained while you go through this:

this is my door panel. the buttons circled in blue work, the ones in red dont:


and the seat panel:


so as you can see, none of the seat controls on the door work but all the other switches do. this leads me to doubt the problem is in the switches themselves. the one button that works on my seat panel, which is suppose to recline the seat...get ready for this...moves it front and back.

i found evidence under the seat of a monkey playing with wires. there was a lot of splicing, cutting and a lot of exposed wires, some barely hanging on by a thread to the rest of the wire. i replaced all the wires that were damaged but maintained the same connections made before. whoever tried to fix the seat before cut the wires that come from the door to the front/back motor and spliced the recliner switch to it.

here is my first question to you...what do we bypass by wiring the recliner switch to control the back/front motor that would stop the door switch from working but wouldnt stop the seat panel switch?

now here is my passenger side panels:



as you can see, most controls are working and doing what they're supposed to (recliner reclines...). Only controls not working are for Heat and Lumbar. I checked on the trunk fuses and I don't have fuse connections (and hence no fuses either) for the heated seat controls. why would both seats have the switches for heat when the car is not equipped? are the heat elements visible so i could tell by looking if i have the equipment for heated seats to work? i really dont care about this in particular as i live in Miami, but i'm curious...

both seats also have the Lumbar control switch, but neither seems to work. considering that everything else in the passenger seat works except those two connections....what would be a plausible explanation? somebody put in the control panels from a different car? are the controls panels supposed to be black or should they be in a matching color as is every other part in the car?

now on to the wires i found while looking under the seats:


this plug is under the driver's seat. i dont see anywhere that this plug might go...even the other plugs being used dont seem to fit this...yet this is there for a reason i'm sure. anyone know the purpose of this plug and/or where I'm supposed to plug it?

another one. this plug is under both seats. on the driver's side the plug is as you see here:


and on the passenger side, it was plugged into this:


and it was just like that...wires cut and exposed. i dont see anywhere that these wires might go. can anyone tell me what these wires are for?

there are no blown fuses either in the front nor in the back fuse boxes....

thank you for any help you might be able to offer. i really would like to fix my seat so i can make it comfortable to drive. i have bad back so seat comfort is a big deal

when driving as much as I do! :wipetears

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The only thing I can think of right offhand is, both front seats have been replaced and the wiring (obviously) wasn't done properly.

Sorry, I do not have a wiring diagram for you.

well if that's the case then my only option i guess is to try to re-wire everything.

i'll start by testing all the motors tomorrow.

do you by any chance have access to a repair/service manual?

how can I take out the front seat (driver's side) so i can access the motors more comfortably?

EDIT: i think i figured out how to remove the seat by searching through another forum. what i came across that's confusing me is i keep hearing mention of a "light" coming on when you turn on the heat on the seats. i dont see where this light would be, and obviously it's not coming on at all...i guess tomorrow will be an interesting day!

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The heated seat control for my car, is on the door.

It has one button that you can push multiple times for the different heat settings.

It has three lights for different heat settings.

One light is on for LO

Two lights are on for MED

All three lights are on for HIGH heat.

Same kind of control and lights for the Air Conditioned seats.

The heat lights are RED... the AC lights are BLUE. :D

I have a CD around somewhere with some service manuals on it.

I will look for it tomorrow and see is there is some type of wiring diagram.

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