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Forbes: Saving GM

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Forbes has an op-ed piece explaining why a lot of what you read in the press about the Car Makers is wrong, then outlining what perhaps GM should do going forward.

Here is the Cadillac section:

Speaking of Cadillac, GM must revive the program to build a new full-size Cadillac, a car to replace the STS and DTS sedans. It is time for GM to field a true competitor to the Mercedes E Class--but with a much more radical design. GM cannot win with middle-of-the-road styling anymore. It has to make people turn and say "wow." They must want the car because of its looks.

Times are tough now, but Cadillac also needs a super-premium flagship, such as the luxurious Cadillac 16 show car the company displayed a few years ago and then, of course, decided not to build it. Why not revive the idea, but build it as an electric car like the Volt--but with lots more batteries to carry the extra weight? It is not a waste of time and money to build a car for millionaires. The design is exciting, and GM needs to create excitement. They can charge $250,000 for it, and maybe sell 10,000. Nothing will sell the public on electric cars more than seeing millionaires buy them.


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