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2005 CTS window power failure


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:huh: My rear passenger window is stuck half way up. To get it to go all of the way up it is necessary to pull it up and tape the window to the door frame. I used clear tape so it doesn't look too tacky. Of course my warranty expired in June. I am wondering what i am getting into expense wise. I can hear the motor running when I press the switch.

Thank you in advance


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On power windows in general, there is a nylon (plastic) gear inside that loses teeth over time. It is a moderate to low difficulty task to take the inside of the door off, brace the window, disengage the motor, and replace. The winder motor costs around $50-70.

It is hard to predict what a shop would charge you for this repair.

Big picture:

Remove the door trim panel.

Remove the water deflector.

Partially open the window, if possible.

Remove the window regulator.

Remove the screws securing the power window motor to the window regulator.

Twist the power window motor clockwise to remove the motor from the regulator.

I can post more detailed instructions with diagrams if you decide to go that way. You might want to get a quote to replace the winder motor on the rear door first?


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see'ing what happened to the regulator in my 99 sts, i would assume the plastic gear at the end(s) have broke and the wire poped off. I would take it apart, make sure the motor is good (gear, moves etc) and verify what I said above. If this is correct just buy another regulator (without motor) on ebay for $50 and replace it, they are relatively cheap, but a dealer is probably $500.

The motor should just unbolt from the regulator and bolt to the replacement.

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