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Sell Buick to Shanghai Auto in China?

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Buick has been a bright star in Chinese sales for GM. Buick sales in China, where it is a hit, have eclipsed sales in the USA.

Sources within GM state that there are some executives advocating the sale of Buick to SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp) of China, their current joint venture partner for Buick in-country. Such a sale would solve two problems for GM; it would get them some desperately needed capital and it would also address the issue of having too many brands to support by jettisoning one of the brands.

It seems far-fetched to think that Buick would be sold by General Motors, but it also seemed far-fetched that GM would merge with Ford or acquire Chrysler, and it tried to do a deal with Ford several months ago, and is currently trying to buy Chrysler as I type this.


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