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Obama: I'll meet with Detroit automakers immediately

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Detroit News

Gordon Trowbridge / Detroit News Washington Bureau

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama said Thursday he would immediately meet with the heads of Detroit's automakers and union once he takes office, telling NBC News, "We do need American cars."

Obama's comments came in an interview with anchor Brian Williams to air later Thursday on NBC's "Nightly News."

"My hope is if I'm elected, that I'm immediately meeting with heads of the Big Three automakers, as well with the United Auto Workers," Obama told Williams. "And to sit down and craft a strategy that puts us on a path for an auto industry that can compete with anybody in the world."

Obama's statement comes as Michigan political and business leaders push for new federal aid to the ailing automakers, perhaps in the form of assistance to General Motors Corp. and Chrysler as they consider a merger.

Obama has called for doubling of the $25 billion loan package for the industry that Congress passed in September, and for the Bush administration to speed up delivery of the first $25 billion. Jason Furman, Obama's top economic adviser, has said Obama would not dismiss any option that could help the domestic carmakers.


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