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Aux input Bose Stereo 2000 STS?


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Hi I was wondering if anybody knew if there was a AUX input anywhere on the Bose stereo system? I would like to connect my ipod somehow without having to use the cheasy cassette tape adapter. Thanks

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There is no Aux Lube Input on the Bose radio. A member here does/did modifications to the nav systems (optional equipment) wiring harness to allow it to plug and play with a car that originally had a Bose system. I remember him saying that he could wire a remote aux in into the harness to allow IPODs or such to directly connect. I dont know if that ability is there with a Bose system, I think you have to have the nav system head unit.

Once I get the time to do it, I plan to wire in a hard wire modulator in my car. It basically works like a wireless fm modulator, but instead of being wireless, it splices into your "antenna in" line. All you do is set the freq on the modulator, tune your radio to that station, and you have a connection. I have one from an old cd changer I had in a previous car, and there was virtually no static when using it, unlike the wireless modulators I have tried. That seems like the easiest solution to me.


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