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Interior lights will not go out! kiliing my batt!!


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Yesterday i noticed all of my interior lights remaing on. I need help because it keeps draining my battery. I am hoping you can lead me in the right direction. I am hoping its a relay and not a short in the wiring somewhere. I have no codes cause my battery died and everything flagged on the DIC. ALso can you tell me what fuse or CB I can so I dont have to keep removing the battery connectors to keep my batt from dying!?

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There is a glitch in your retained accessory power (RAP) system. There is a RAP relay in the rear underseat fuse/relay box and you could try substituting a similar relay as a test.

Otherwise, there are several modules involved and targeted diagnosis will require a Tech II (dealer tool).


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Thanks I will check it out. I found the fuse so at least it wont kill my batt. Ill swap some relays around and see what happens. I swear this car is a lemon and there is always something breaking! I love this Caddy but darn! And nothing is ever cheap to fix! I bet it will be a module and that will cost me an arm and a leg to fix. Are the dealers the only one who have the Tech II tool?

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Retained Accessory Power.

If the interior lights are remaining on, here are some simple things to check:

  • Headlight switch dimmer rotated clockwise to full bright, then over the detent. Yes, we have seen that...
  • Bad or loose door switch or wiring.
  • Interior lights turned on at one or more map light switches. Do you have small children? They do that.

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