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93 Fleetwood Wheel play help

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I just bought a 1993 fleetwood. It has only got 48000 miles on it but it has a lot of wheel play that is really enjoying not only on the highway but even at slow speeds. I can turn the wheel when driving about 45 degress to either side without any change in direction. Does this car have recirculation ball steering or rack and pinion? If recirculating ball, is there somewhere you can tighten a nut so to get rid of the play? Where? Ive done this on an old mercedes once but Im totally new to cadillac. I live in Sweden and here these cars are pretty unsual so mechanics dont really want to deal with these cars either. Anyone with knowledge on how to got about this problem?

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I think the 93 is recirculating ball steering.

You may have other parts worn causing the play in the steering wheel...be sure to check for other worn parts.

BUT if it IS the recirculating ball steering that is worn or needs adjusting, if it is like my older ones... there "IS" an adjustment for the recirculating ball steering.

On my older models, there was a box on the steering shaft itself...close to the firewall.

There is a nut on the upper side of the box, with a stud sticking thru it with a slot in the stud that a screwdriver will fit in.

The nut is about a 5/8 or 3/4 inch nut. (It has been a LONG TIME since I did it.)

Loosen the nut JUST A LITTLE... using the screwdriver... turn "IN" the stud just a tiny bit, maybe a 1/4 turn. Then while holding the stud with the screwdriver, so that it can't turn, tighten the nut.

Move the car and use the steering wheel. There should now be LESS play in the steering wheel.

Repeat as needed to take out a lot of the slack in the steering.

One note of caution... DO NOT SCREW THE STUD DOWN TOO MUCH.

If you do, when you turn a corner... the steering wheel will NOT automatically recenter itself.

When you take your hand pressure away from the wheel and expect it to automatically straighten up... IT WON'T.

It will just keep turning.

That can make for an exciting moment as you try to quickly straighten the wheel to try to keep from hitting the curb... or worse.

Don't ask how I found THAT out. :D:D:D

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Thank you very much for info. I did find the steering gear box, on top of it I found the screw, it was easy to reach even. It was right behind the radiator, so I stepped into the space between the radiator and the front fender and worked from there. I turned the screw 3/4 of a turn. I had the wheels of the ground to check for increased torque necessary to turn to wheels without power-steering. Starting out I got the feeling that turning the steering wheel needed a little bit more torque than I would have expected. After having turned the adjusting-screw 3/4 of a turn, the wheel didnt appear to have become more difficult to turn. However around center there is a slight growling sound coming from the gear. Even though the play remains after this adjustment the car is easier to handle on the road and doesnt wander as much as it used to. I figure this however is not a long term solution. I guess I have to figure out what else there is that is worn, I just dont really know how to go about that.

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