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Confusing "Dreams from My Father"?

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Background reading: According to Michelle Obama, the two books by Senator Obama paid off all of their student loans. American Thinker: Who wrote "Dreams from My Father?"

From a 2006 article by one of the principles, Peter Osnos details his view of the book and how it was handled. The NYT notes on the book(s).

Obama's lost years - WSJ (at Columbia, no one remembers he was there). NYSUN Obama's years at Columbia a mystery

So as near as I can piece together, Senator Obama goes to Occidental college, where he was principally into partying and drugs, then to Columbia and gets a BA in Poli-Sci in 1983. His first night at Columbia he apparently slept in an alley, then later lived in a bad neighborhood, which suggest he was not well funded. After Columbia, Obama hoped to become a community organizer, but could not find work as one, and joined a small consulting firm instead. Then he works for some community organizations, and travels to meet his Father's family in Kenya. Next, he goes to and graduates from Harvard Law in 1991(!) At this point one would assume with staggering debt from Occidental, and Columbia, and Harvard Law. Mrs. Obama reports that their joint student loan payments were higher than their mortgage payment. His first book is published in 1995. Times sold 6-9,000 copies, and a Japanese book company printed 6,000 copies. But within a few years, “Dreams From My Father” was out of print.

In 2004, with Senator Obama newly made a Senator, the book was republished and sold quite well on the strength of his new popularity.

Mr. Obama completed “The Audacity of Hope” in the summer of 2006, so it would not figure in as income until then.

He entered Harvard law in 1988, and graduated in 1991, and paid off his student loans after 2004? Does that make sense?

I suppose his maternal Grandparents perhaps had money, at least enough to help him get into Occidental, which is a private, elite school, then Columbia. But then he has to borrow money for Harvard Law?

I hope he writes another book on how to get great student loans.


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