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Computor chip for Northstar

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We have a heading advertisement on our web for SLR comp chips.

I have looked back to previous pages and did not see this subject.

Has any of you experienced the chip installation?

I am interrested more in the MPG gain. I have a 96 SLS, and get probably as good a milage as the stock units get.

Thanks for any come back.

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For MPG gain I would think a free-flowing exhaust setup would be more likely to help than a custom computer calibration.

If you do decide to go with a custom calibration please do post what your results are and how you measured.


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Thanks Bruce for your comeback.

I was also hopeing that someone had experience with that chip.

I am reluctant to try the untried, especially when happy with the way the SLS is running. Just thought that any improvement is worth looking at. I live in a small town in AZ, so my fuel consumption would be much differience than the eastern states. I get approx. over-all about 23 to 24, if on long runs 26-27, driving about 65-75 mph.

As far as power go's, its got what ever I need, enough to get you into trouble.

Thanks again group, I visit about everyday.

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