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Fleetwood 1994 What do you think?


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I own a 93 DeVille, a 96 SLS and a 95 Fleetwood. The Wood is overall a much simpler car than the Sevilles, etc. It is huge...a whale, hence my white Fleetwood is licensed as "Mr Moby"....but I really like the car. It grows on you; it's kind of like the Shreck of the line.

The Fleetwood has the LT1 engine and RWD; it is basically a tank on wheels. I found that this forum is geared to the mainstream Cadmobiles (FWD Northstars). You'll find that the "cadillacforums.com"'s Fleetwood RWD section has much more traffic on the Fleetwood.

Also, as odd as it sounds at first, the "impalassforum.com" has a good Fleetwood section, as well as its Roadmasters and, of course, Impala SS sections, since the Fleetwood basically is an Impala SS in a tuxedo. This forum is huge and you can learn much about the Woods on this site. Just remember that the Wood has a longer wheelbase, and is called a D body, unlike the others mentioned, which are called B bodies. It's a pleasant change having a Cadillac model with so much kinship to other cars.

In my case, I added a set of SS (used) springs, Bilstein shocks, and HO front/rear sway bars, and new, stronger, lower control rear arms (because of the huge rear sway bar), and this whale handles incredibly well for a 4400# car...more like a 3400# car.

While I love my 96 SLS....it is so beautiful, and cool....if you ever wanted a Cadillac without all those routine complications, consider the Fleetwood. To me, since I am old school, the "perfect" Cad would be the Seville body with the Fleetwood mechanicals. Best to buy one of each!

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