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Ghostbusters Cadillac Now on Ebay

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One of three 1959 Cadillac Hearses used as the Ghostbuster Ecto-mobile in the movie is available on ebay.


The owner writes:

In August of 2006 I purchased the original Universal Studios Ecto-1. The car was stripped of all the Ghost busting equipment and sold as an ambulance and with a little negotiation I was able to get all of the roof rack parts and the original light bars. This car was used at the park for over fifteen years for the Ghostbusters Experience, parades and display inside the Florida park. This car is one of three Sony/MGM authorized Ghostbusters 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor Ecto-1. There are the two original cars used in the films and this one built exclusively for the Universal Studios Theme parks. This car has a rich history and thousands of fans have been photographed with this car. The only major change made to this car was the roof rack. We modified the roof rack to resemble the screen used Sony Ecto-1 original car. Other upgrades are cosmetic and mechanically it's very sound.


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According to the post from user BenTrodGarage, the Ecto-1 was acquired after Universal Studios had stripped the car of most of its component and were planning to sell it. BenTrodGarage and Co. managed to swipe the car along with the original roof rack and light bars before it could be sold as an ambulance. They were able to reassemble the car back to its original form and replace any missing parts and nuances.

On the mechanical side of things, the car apparently packs a Chevy 350 engine with a turbo 400 transmission. The total weight of the Ecto-1 is 5,000 pounds and its length exceeds 20 feet.

see the listing here

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I don't know what happened, but the link doesn't work :(

link comes out as:





just use the item number -> 150301618614

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