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Ear on Twitter for Cadillac

Bruce Nunnally

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I made this new sprout last night.

Twitter.com is a new social media site. On twitter you can 'tweat' what you are doing right now. Sort of like an SMS text message that you post to a website, then people who want to keep up with what you are up to can. For example, my brother and my sister both follow my twitter, and I theirs, so I know a little more about what is going on in their lives based on what they post there.

I also use Twitter to keep up in fairly real time with what other car sites and auto news media are covering. For Example, GM Europe tweats when they add info to their media site, which gives me an opportunity to read more Cadillac info.

Twitter also provides a search index which allows one to search across anyone's public tweats for words or phrases. So I created this widget for the Caddyinfo.com blog which does just that; it shows anyone who is talking about Cadillac and what they are saying [warning: unedited unwashed content from non-Cadillac lovers]:


It shows the last 20 tweats on twitter.com that mention Cadillac and is a 'live' feed (some delay based on how often the rss stream is published).


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