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T.C. Disabled and Brake fluid Switch Problem?

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Along with the notorious "Traction Disabled" message, and the second gear starts, I am getting "Brake Fluid Switch Problem" in the DIC too. I have checked the brake fluid level and adjusted the brake light switch on the pedal, based on info from the archives, but to no avail.

What could be sparking these messages, and how can I get first gear back?

Oh, and this only happens when it is warm outide, such as when I drove to Florida for Christmas, as soon as temps rose, the problem 'a rose with them.

Thanks for the help!

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- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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I have a 95 Eldo ETC and am having the same exact problem. Unsure about the temp issue, as I believe it has occurred when it has been cool outside, as well as warm.

I am very curious as to what the problem is here. It does not happen very often though.



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The float may be sticking or the brake fluid level switch may be defective.

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Hey STS Scott and McMasterson, I have a 95 Eldo ETC with the same DIC "Traction Disabled" message. There are actually 2 switches in front of the brake pedal, the lowest one is for your brake lights, the higher one is your Traction Control/Cruise Control switch. Adjust the top switch for the traction control. It worked for me, but oddly, what is happening to me is that, I will adjust the switch, and the "Traction Disabled" message will not appear for about a week or so. Then, it will appear again. Anyone ever have to replace this switch, or is my problem possibly deeper? I know it measure's low voltage draw, and my Negative battery cable has seen better days. I have to change that anyhow, so I will do that first. But if anyone has a 'next step' or suggestion, I am all ears!

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I think that the traction control message (i have had it also - 95 etc 137K), can come from a failure in a front wheel hub assy. There is a sensor there and some wiring either of which, I suppose can fail. I have had to replace mine due to bearing failure and I haven't seen the traction control message since. If everything else is ok, you might want to live with it until you need to replace your front wheel hubs ....

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