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GM or AC Delco


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This may be a stupid question, but is there a difference between the GM part or an AC Delco part. When I'm at the dealer, sometimes I get a genuine GM part and then if I order an oil filter, I get an AC Delco part.

I'm thinking of getting new plugs and a wire set, but I can find them cheaper online than at the dealer, but the parts are AC Delco. Should I be worried?

1994 STS Pearl White 260,000 KM (163,000 miles)

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The way I understand it (and I may be incorrect), is AC-Delco is the OE supplier for GM. I don't know the true relationship between the two (is AC a subsidiary of GM?), but I know that pretty much anything you do get at the dealer is "Genuine GM" or AC, as you mentioned. As long as the part is GM or AC-Delco, I'd be comfortable with it.

GM used to affix a decal to the side of air cleaners (back when cars used large circular air cleaners on top of the carburetor or throttle body) and it said, "Keep your GM all GM with AC-Delco parts", meaning they wanted you to visit the dealership for parts like filters, plugs, etc. And most likely, what you got was an AC-Delco part, which is usually (again, as I understand it), exactly or mostly the same as what came on the car originally.

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As I see it genuine gm parts are gm specs. ac/delco makes parts for gm and the after market, the after market may not require gm specs. Saying this its seems unlikely that ac would make a plug or wire for gm cars of two separate grades. But they could and they would! Both companies would not hesitate to have parts made in other countries. One time I needed a distributor module. although. It was more expensive at the the dealer I bought it there while walking out i opened the box and it was made in the phillipines I walked back to the counter and got my money back. With all this confusion I would look into good aftermarket parts this forum can help a with their experience using these parts. one last thought gm has a lot of suppliers some big names. these parts may be equal to gm quality on the aftermarket.

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