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97 Deville Concours error messages/codes

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I have a 97 Deville Concours that is displaying several error lights/messages: ABS, Traction Control, and the Stability reduced message. I looked up info on how to display the error codes and this is what I got:

TCS 1232 Current Left front Wheel Speed Circuit open or shorted

TCS 1235 Current Right rear Wheel Speed Circuit open or shorted

TCS 1286 History Steering sensor bias circuit malfunction

I can get the stability light to go out for a while by hitting the info reset.

I hope someone can give me an idea of what these codes mean. Could these be related to needing new tires(done), a caliper bolt missing (replaced) or new brake shoes needed(done)? My local Caddy shop charges $105 an hr just to look at it, so I'd like to know what to expect. Also is this something I need to address right away?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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C1232 Left Front Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted *Current*

C1235 Right Rear Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted *Current*

C1286 Steering Sensor Bias Malfunction (History)

It appears that the wheel speed sensors are disconnected on both front wheels. Since you just had the brakes done, it is likely that it happened then. The wheel speed sensors are at the center of the hub on the inside, and are easily seen from under the car during, say, an oil change. I have my 1997 Eldorado serviced at a service station, not at a dealer, for convenience, the ability to look under the car myself, and a much better price. And, I see the eight quarts of Mobil 1 5W-30 being poured into my oil filler neck. These guys are really good, with certification for state inspection, an OBD I/II code reader that they use on just about every car they work on, and senior qualified mechanics. They will look at stuff like that for free when they are doing an oil change, and in fact they have fixed things like that without being asked or told that there is something to look for.

The steering sensor likely has a loose connection at the wiring harness plug.

I would have it fixed ASAP. Traction control is a part of ABS and Stabilitrak. This is a safety feature.

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