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1994 Cadillac DeVille Muffler Size and Recommendations


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Hi guys,

What size inlet/outlet size muffler would I need for my 94' DeVille? The exhaust is 100% stock. I was thinking it was 4.25 in/out, but I am not sure.

Also, I am looking for a VERY QUIET muffler. Does anyone know what a good muffler would be? Nothing spectacular... just something quality and super quiet. I want to make it as silent as possible (no stalker). My current muffler has developed several holes and is now loud as hell!



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Any muffler shop will have a replacement for you. I would shy away from the original equipment replacement from the dealer for exhaust equipment, as they tend to be very very expensive.

Less expensive exhaust equipment tends to be made of cheaper materials, which do not hold up over time. Cadillac exhaust systems are usually all stainless steel from the factory in order to maximize life. You should also replace the muffler with a stainless steel model. I would expect to pay $110-$150 for the muffler plus $50-75 installation.

Be aware that many muffler shops make a living selling a variety of other services such as fluid flushes, tires, brakes, alignment, and '21 point checks'. I suggest you ask them to only service the muffler / exhaust, and don't agree to any other work while the Cadillac is there.


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