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Replace my ICM or PCM??


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My 93 4.6l STS is displaying T061 (brake module) current, P023 P053 history P083 itermittent. I took the car to the dealer for diags and they couldn't prove that the ICM was 100% to blame even though the fault tree seems to point it that way. The issue is here in Canada the darn part is $775CAN so I would like to feel a little more confident in deciding to replace it. Anyone out there have any experience with this dilema?? Suggestions??? I may just go ahead and pick one (reclaimed from a new engine whatever that means) up from ebay as they seem more reasonable at $120US.



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I had a problem with hydraulic modulator (ABS unit). First make sure all your brakes are operational, particularly rear ones. i would never notice that one of rears did not work if state inspection did not figure it out.

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