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Newb that just bought a caddy, but now has some quick questions about ses


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Ok, as posted earlier. This is my first caddy(1998 sts) and when i bought the car it ran fine without any ses. So after couple days, I notice the ses came on so i ran a test by holding on/off and info button. These are the codes that came up:

amp u1255 current

ipc u1255 current

pcm p1350 history

pcm p1375 history

rim b1009 current

And all the rest are NO CODES. I also noticed it takes slightly longer to crank when the ses comes one. But once its off, it starts up no problem. Please Please Please explain to me what the problems are and hopefully how to fix.

p.S: I googled and searched this codes but i did not quite understand them. Like I said, its my first cadillac and I dont want to make this is last one. Thank you very much!!!!

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AMP Amplifier

IPC Instrument Panel Cluster

PCM Powertrain Control Module

RIM Rear Integration Module

U1255 Class 2 Communication Malfunction (Serial Data Line Malfunction)

P1350 Ignition Control System

P1375 IC 24X Reference Circuit High Voltage

B1009 EEPROM Checksum Error

Before we go any farther, check the battery and battery cables. If the battery voltage goes below 9V while starting the car, the modules won't work properly and you will get strange codes. Make sure that the battery cables are clean on both ends, and pay particular attention to cleaning out corrosion on the positive terminal at the battery (it may have two or three cables under the red plastic; if so pry them out and clean between them).

You have some loose or dirty connectors in your underhood wiring, probably on one of your crank sensors, that accounts for the two P codes and the SES light, and for the poor starting. The crank sensors are in the front, near the center, down below the heads toward the bottom of the engine.

The AMP, IPC and RIM codes aren't related to the SES light or your driveability complaint. The U1255 means that the radio amplifier and the computer aren't talking; that's probably something unplugged under the dash or possibly behind the rear seat; it depends on which radio you have. Look at the connection for the purple wire if the plugs look OK; that's the network data wire.

The B1009 checksum error can mean that the battery was disconnected recently or a problem with the RIM. I don't have experience with RIM problems; others may be able to help here. It's possible that this is related to the AMP U1255 if the IPC data for the AMP goes through the RIM; I don't have a 1998 model year factory shop manual (FSM) to check this.

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P1350 - Ignition Control System

P1375 - IC 24X Reference Circuit High Voltage

These codes are the reason for your Service Engine lamp.

Have the spark plugs been replaced recently? Some folks will remove the ignition control module to gain access to the firewall bank of cylinders and that could be where your problem is located.

I would double check all the low voltage connectors that snap into the ignition control module inspecting the pins for damage, corrosion and anything else that can cause an intermittent condition.

Clear the codes and test drive. If the Service Engine lamp comes ON again, immediately stop the engine and display the codes again.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Thank you both for your input, it helped a lot. My first thing is to check the battery and all the connections in the engine bay. From what the previous owner said, he did change the plugs and wires. The car does have a aftermarket system installed, which might explain the amp ses. Also, the funny thing is, when I clear codes sometimes it clears it all at the first try, but sometimes it takes 3-4 tries. I bought a FSM, just waitin for it to come in. But you guys been great, thanks

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