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Brembo joins with Cadillac CTS-V to introduce new brake technology at NAIAS



First Use of Dual-Cast Brake Discs in North America

Brembo took the opportunity of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) today to showcase major original equipment (OE) fitments on two of America’s top performance vehicles, including the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V.

Long known as the supplier of high-performance brakes to the premier European auto manufacturers, Brembo achieved significant OE growth in North America the past six months with Harley Davidson, the American motorcycle icon, and now with unique new

brake technology for Cadillac.

The 2009 Cadillac CTS-V will employ Brembo’s dual- Cast 14.5-in (370mm) rotor for the first time in North America, with six-piston monoblock front calipers. Unlike traditional cast iron discs, dual-cast discs are made of two materials – cast iron and aluminium – and offer many advantages, including a 15-20 per cent reduction in weight, greater driving comfort, less corrosion, wear and resistance to fade, and better braking performance.

The Dual-Cast floating brake disc has a cast-iron braking surface and an aluminum hat: ideally combining the advantages of heat-resistance provided by cast iron with the lightweight properties of aluminum. The innovation is in the way the two materials have been combined in a single component and in the behavior of the disc during operation. The rotor function effectively as an integral disc at low temperatures; then as a floating disc at high temperatures, when maximum performance is needed and distortion tends to occur. The Dual-Cast brake disc also responds to the demand for much lighter components, in combination with an improved feel when braking in extreme operating conditions, and with increased resistance to fatigue at higher temperatures. As a result, incidences of both transient and permanent thermal distortion can be significantly reduced. Transient deformation events occur typically when the brakes are applied, and the discs run hot; whereas permanent disc distortion is the main cause of vibration during braking in the vehicle.

Cast iron has optimum thermal properties — low deformability and good heat conductivity — as well as process-related advantages, such as superior castability and machineability. It also has practical advantages, like good damping properties. Aluminum, on the other hand, is advantageously lightweight, being 2½ times less dense than cast iron, with the result that the Dual-Cast disc can be made between 15 and 20 per cent lighter than its integral counterpart, depending on the application. This represents an important achievement, since auto manufacturers consider a one-kg reduction in overall weight to be a real success; and, even more so, when unsprung weight is reduced, given the notably positive influence on comfort and driving precision. Brembo Co-Cast System for Cadillac

Unlike an integral disc, the Dual-Cast brake disc presents a symmetrical braking surface, favoring a more uniform temperature distribution when the brakes are applied: this means considerably less residual deformation after the brake is released. This effectively mirrors the performance capabilities of a floating disc, but without the number of components needed for a floating assembly.

By virtue of the properties characterizing the two Dual-Cast materials, this new disc succeeds in reducing wear both on the disc and on the pad in off brake condition. In addition to the North American OE, the past year has been an extraordinary one for Brembo as additional fitments have been achieved on Lexus’ top-performing IS-F, as well as the first ever Dual-Cast brake system for Maserati’s Quattroporte Sport GTS.

Brembo, a world leader in engineering, development and production of high-performance braking systems and components, was established in 1961 in Bergamo, Italy.

Brembo is an engineering company with over nine percent of its 5000 employees dedicated to research, development and innovation. Brembo has 25 plants and offices in 12 countries worldwide. Each product is designed with performance and styling uniquely matched to the vehicle that it equips. Of equal importance is Brembo’s total commitment to manufacturing and quality assurance. Brembo controls every step of the process, from design to iron casting through to assembly, by means of testing and simulations in the laboratory, as well as on the road and track to assure performance.

Brembo offers a comprehensive line of brake components and systems ranging from original equipment and aftermarket replacement parts, to racing and high-performance upgrades, as well as performance motorcycle components and systems.

As a global supplier, Brembo manufactures over 32 million brake rotors a year for more than 30 different OEMs, including Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes and Porsche. 2006 sales were $1.012 billion.


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