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I Have a 1986 Sedan Deville. Had a small leak in transmission hose near the radiator! Fixed that just tightened the clamp. Added missing fluid. The next two days straight when the car was cold or drivin for the first time I got about 3 blocks down the street and it slipped out of drive. Had to drop it in low 2 to engage. Came back and it was low on fluid and fill it up. Did it again the next day, this time fluid were proper level. Is there a cold sensor for the tranny, After it heated up worked fine all day, never missed again. Only did it when the car sit all night!

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My tranny slips in reverse in the winter when its cold, and the fluid is low, the guru explained that due to the increased viscosity of the fluid and the low level, air is sucked in, check the level of your fluid and as noted change your fluid and filters, maybe you filter has dropped out of place.

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