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Took the steering column apart last night. It was quite the pain in the arse. I'm very glad I had the FSM for this, or I would have been lost. Even with it, there were a few parts that were confusing due to the layout of the FSM. Step 1, do this, step 2, refer to section 4F3-55-6. Go to that section, and parts of it, reference a second sub-section. It gets goofy following around all these subsections of subsections, but eventually I got it straight. As with most first time repairs, I could do it next time in half the time... but hopefully there won't ever be a next time! So I got the old lock cylinder out in about 3 hours. Now I just need to put the new one in and get my blank pellet key cut to match the template key. Maybe this weekend I'll find time... :bluesbrothers:

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