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If you have a coachworks body on a Cadillac, the name of the company should be on the plaque on the driver's side door jamb or under the hood, or possibly in the trunk in the spare tire space. This is true even of factory-authorized coachworks cars such as limousines, hearses, and convertibles in most years that convertibles were offered.

If you don't see a name other than General Motors on any of your plaques, or if they are missing, the hearse or limousines coachworks will likely be the ones that built the station wagon. A check with your local funeral home will give you a first company name. I did a web search and turned up these current coachworks builders for Cadillac commercial chassis:

VIP Limousine Service, Inc.

14644 23 Mile Road, Shelby Township., MI 48315

(586) 247-7777

United States Coachworks

35 Carlough Road, Bohemia, NY 11716

(800) 729-1546

(631) 567-7500

There are others. Any one that you can get to talk to you, ask them about your 1959 Cadillac station wagon. Is it possible that your Station Wagon began life as a hearse?

Have the VIN number ready before you call so that they can check their records and see if they built your car. If they didn't, ask them to name other possibilities; you will likely track it down in an hour that way.

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