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looking at buying a newer cadillac


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I currently drive a 1992 cadillac sts, its getting high up there 187,000 kilometers, and I think its time for a change. Im looking into either:

2003 cts

2004 sts

Ive goen and priced out a few around here and the average price on the 2003 cts with roughty 70,000 kilometers is around $20,000

and a 2004 sts with between 80-100kilometers im looking at $19-21,000.

I am wondering what type of things I would have to look for when purchasing a used cts , or sts? what are problem areas?

any help is greatly appretiated, and I thank you in advance.



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I really prefer the 2004 CTS and the 3.6L VVT engine over the 3.2L engine available in the 2003 CTS. The added power and torque are worth the difference in price.

In the USA there was not an STS in 2004, only an SLS (275hp model). This was the last year of the FWD Sevilles, as the RWD redesigned models arrived in 2005.

Between a 2004 SLS and a 2003 CTS, I would think they will have similar performance. The SLS is heavier, but has more HP/Torque, and more

standard features/luxuries. The CTS is perhaps sportier, but overall performance favors the SLS.


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