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GM FastLane: The Wonderful World of Oz

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By Bob Lutz

GM Vice Chairman

I just completed one of my better business trips! It was to Australia, always a favorite destination. Beautiful country and nice people… and also, happily, home of Holden and the internationally sourced product development team working on our global rear-wheel-drive cars.

I have never experienced an automotive company, including my three years at BMW, that has so much passion for excellence and dedication to the product. It’s contagious. Oz is a nation where the “car-guys” (both genders) rule, at least at Holden. I just love the palpable air of the "we want to win" spirit that this team exudes.

We drove cars on their ride road which, strangely, bears a lot of resemblance to a racing circuit. We sampled G8s in various states of tune, and they were fabulous. We drove the Daewoo Veritas and the Chinese Buick Park Avenue, both large, ultra-lux executive transports created by the global rear wheel drive team. And we also drove..."other things in the rear drive hopper."



2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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