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Future DTS ?


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Does anyone know of the fate/future of the DTS is. After perusing the net I found conflicting information. Some say there will be a name change and will be RWD, others say they will discontinue it. I hope not. Cadillac has always had a large sedan. I must say that the recent DTS (DeVille) is the nicest Deville in a very long time.


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So far the people who know are not saying.

Here is my summary of the rumors we think we know:

The next large Cadillac sedan will be built in 2010 on the Zeta platform in the US; (most of the zeta's will be built in Canada). It will likely be larger wheelbase than the current DTS and STS. It will be RWD, likely with the option of AWD. Zeta is the new large RWD platform.

The new big Cadillac sedan will probably offer the DI3.6L 304hp engine as a base engine, and the DI5L UV8 380hp engine as the premium engine. The UV8 or UltraV8 may be referred to as the Northstar or the UltraV8 or some new brand name. It will be a V8 version of the DI3.6L V6 and will be 5L-6L in displacement; it will be built in the GM Engine factory in Tonawanda, NY. There may also be a supercharged variant for a V-series.

The new sedan may also be offered with a diesel variant, or with a hybrid option, or both.


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